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The BLU Stable, Fistral Longboard Classic 2023

Full write up and slick video edit from BLU Event 3.

Smooth Movers 2k23

St Ives Brewery presents Smooth Movers 2k23 proudly supported by 10 Over Surf and Longboarder Magazine.

Planting The Seed

Surf history is filled with anecdotes, and waveriding in China is no different.

Off the Beaten Track: Seven Destinations for the Intrepid Longboarder

Surfers have always been obsessed with looking beyond the edges of the map, luckily, the world’s a big place.

Board Review: The Double Scoop by Skindog Surfboards

Ben "Skindog" Skinner is a well-respected surfboard shaper who has been designing and shaping boards for over 20 years. His l

The Saunton Longboard Classic 2023

How Tofino’s female longboarding community is fuelling its creative culture

Discover the inspiring stories of Tofino's strong and supportive female community of surfers, artists and creatives.

A Journey of Style: Harrison Roach’s Surfing Evolution

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Harrison Roach rose to prominence as a stylish ambassador of classical longboarding and ride

Citizen Of Surf

Natalie Fox believes there's a brighter future scenario for our blue planet than the one we're currently on track for.

Jayr Esquivel: Putting the Philippines on the Global Longboarding Map

It’s time to shine the spotlight on one of our Philippines' rising stars in the world of longboarding—Jayr Esquivel.

Errant logs and damaged hipster egos: the leash debate rages in Byron Bay

The debate over leashes and surfboards is a long and convoluted one. Across its many twists and turns boards have been lost.

Soul Surfer

Jack grew up picking strawberries from fields in the lee of Cheddar Gorge before going on to form Reef.

Nowhere Place

This short film documents Dan's trip to the French coast cruising the local breaks.

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