A decade of traditional longboarding, community camaraderie, and steadfast brand support were commemorated at the Channel Coast Log Jam. The prestigious axe-adorned log trophy proudly displayed the names of UK longboarding legends such as James Parry, Richard Balding, Ben Haworth, Jordan Zervas, and local stylists Simon Firley, Ben Brown (x2), and Mike Winter (x5).

Notably, Ben Skinner, World No 3, secured his place on the trophy for the second time, following his recent triumphs in El Salvador and Malibu with the WSL.

The day unfolded in true Day of the Shred fashion, amidst dark and stormy weather, as invitational surfers navigated a wild drive over Bodmin Moors. 

Beach, bikes and bottom turns. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

Despite Friday scheduling hindrances that prevented local winners Ben Brown and defending champ Mike Winter from participating, the waves were promising, and the surf community was out in force.

A deliberate late start accommodated forecasted wind shifts and favorable tidal movements, leading to a laid-back 11:30 am beach registration. Surfers arrived around the same time, engaging in car park conversations while watching offshore head-high sets and a bustling crowd eager for the perfect waves.

Skindog with the The Bournemouth Big Wheel in the background. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

In its 14th iteration, only twice has the Day of the Shred been organized, strategically positioned later in the season to coincide with consistent storms and plummeting water temperatures. The challenge of “getting away with it” on the notoriously difficult south coast was met head-on.

Elle Morrow getting amongst it with style. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

Heat 1 kicked off at midday, featuring Adam Griffiths and Ashley Braunton advancing to the semi-finals. Local surfers Tom Finch and Andy Joyce faced tough competition against the UK’s finest but left their mark with impressive performances.

Adam “Bearman” Griffiths scored some epic rights at The Pier. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

Heat 2 showcased Ben Skinner, Adam Zervas, James Corrigan, and Ben Patrick. Skinner demonstrated his signature right-hand point style, while local talent Ben Patrick stole the show with a dynamic display of lefts, rights, and nose rides.

Local ripper Ben Patrick earned the ‘shredder of the day’ title awarded by Skindog. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

Jordan Zervas triumphed in Heat 3, exhibiting precision footwork on lefts, joined by Andy Verreck, who showcased his self-shaped single fin and el matador bottom turn. El Morrow, the lone female competitor, impressed in her second jam, while Rob Tishaw claimed one of the best waves of his life.

Jordan Zervas making the most of the sucky lefts. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

Heat 4 featured Christian Thomson, founder of 10 Over Surf Shop and Longboarder Magazine, Jon Horton, and local surfers Dom and Nick. Thomson’s bolt tens and reverse drop knees dominated, securing his spot in the next round.

Chris Thomson hanging ten on the way to the final. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

In the semi-finals, Skinner and Jordan Zervas advanced from Semi 1, while Adam Griffiths, Christian Thomson, Ashley Braunton, and Ben Patrick battled it out in Semi 2. Braunton’s powerful turns, Griffiths and Thomson’s long noserides, and Patrick’s wild surfing set the stage for a thrilling final.

North Devon’s Ashley Braunton smashing lip. Photo by Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

The all-Skindog Surfboards final saw Skindog, Zervas Jnr, Bearman, and Thomson competing for the top spot. The day’s conditions favored fast right-handers, with Zervas making an impact, but Skindog’s powerful down carves and bolt lean 10’s secured him the victory by a narrow margin.

Post-competition, the loggers gathered at the Deus Lodge of Heavy Leisure for a well-deserved celebration, enjoying the warmth of an open fire and refreshing beers. Prize-giving and camaraderie ensued, highlighting the immense support from brands like Deus, Dark Seas, Chariots of the Sun, Uppercut Deluxe, and Flying Diamonds of California.

Ben Patrick earned the ‘shredder of the day’ title, securing the first financially rewarding prize provided by Foam Life. Skindog, with the trophy in hand, left the event as the ultimate victor.

The Channel Coast Log Jam continues to foster immense stoke and community unity. With growing online support, the event faces intriguing decisions for its future. For now, it remains as enjoyable and free to enter as ever. Until the next one, relish the captivating moments captured by the talented photography crew—Jake Moore, Tom Prentice, Dawn Patrol, Chris Lopez, and James Carnegie. Day of the Shred indeed!”