St Ives Brewery presents Smooth Movers 2k23 proudly supported by 10 Over Surf and Longboarder Magazine. Words by event founder Josh Daniel.

Smooth Movers is a celebration of traditional surfing and nontraditional culture held at Godrevy beach, the south-west’s premiere small to medium sized beach-break from the 14th – 17th September. Smooth Movers is all about community and the theme Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me captures the essence of the support that community provides when people are at their worst. 

Beth “I’m a surfer” Leighfield – photo by @tomsimagery

Thursday at Smooth Movers saw local art from Joe Greenaway, Chris Janes & Georgona Neve. 10 Over Surf Shop / SM feature film “Don’t Stop Lovin Me” which is featured above. Music from Ty Crewes and The Tinnies and moderate amounts of chilled cerveza. It was really nice.

Lady Logger Winner – Sylvie Puddiphat Photo @saltshots

Friday saw the Lady Log division take to the water at Cornwall’s premiere small to medium sized beach break and the waves were just shy of actually quite good. The standard of surfing however was absolutely mind-blowing. Nothing short of f*cking phenomenal. Utterly world-class. It’s safe to say the future of British longboarding is in the safest of hands. You all f*cking rip. Worth noting ¾ from Gwnenver which is in West Penwith.

Lucas Hearn photo by @tomsimagery

Of the evening we returned to the brewery for 4 bands back to back. Picture The Scene, Saloon Dion, Ratclaw & The Remains. We bid farewell to the roof and drank more beer. Phenomenal evening, local and London talent at it’s finest. Doth of the cap to Ratclaw. 

Don’t stop loving me – photo by @rosieliskey

Saturday we returned to Godrevy beach for the LOG and BATTERED FISH divisions. Again, the standard of surfing was simply on another level, the waves passable. I myself (Josh) was on an utter winning streak until a controversial round 3 defeat to Jayce “THE BOMB” Robinson. A beautiful day at the beach including free surfin lessons from Shore Surf School and the SEND IT FOR SUMMER expression session was concluded with b2b finals in the rain and the mood could not have been higher. 

We finished things off with a f*cking decent dance party presented by my friend Tom Chapman and Algorhythm: “I Won’t Stop Lovin’ You”. All remnants of the roof gone. We boogied till 3am and I made it! 

Love Island Season 7 contestants; Lovely Lucas, Juicy Jack, Jumping Jack and Mike Laid. Photo by @tomsimagery


Drum roll please, your results oh captain my captain. 


Masie Mary Marshall – biggup Maisie for the highest scoring wave of the event.

Kamikazee hang five through the bathing area. I loved it. 

SEND IT FOR SUMMER EXPRESSION SESSION – presented by Shore Surf & Swell Board

Felix Barrel – Felix, you spin me right round brother.


1st Jayce “THE BOMB” Robinson 

2nd Jobe Harris (from Bude, N Devon) 

3rd Miles Lee-Hargreves (Also from Bude which is in North Devon) 

4th Andy from San Diego


1st Mike Lay (my fav surfer) 

2nd Lucas Hearn 

3rd Jack Unsworth 

4th Jack Gregorious (The Spartan) 


1st Sylvie Puddiphat (From Gwenver, West Penwith) 

2nd Lola Bleakley (Gwenver, West Penwith) 

3rd Emily Currie 

4th Masie Marshall (Gwenver, also West Penwith) 


There are far to many people to thanks here, but lastly, this thing makes me really proud. 

Paige Pleasants – boss lady  

Meg Penperthy – art & design 

Jack Hoare – legend 

Zac Daniel – brother 

Tom Chapman – dear friend 

Bradley – The Butlers 

Rory Mason – Superman 

Marco and the team at St Ives Brewery 

Chris Thomson at Longboarder Magazine & 10 Over Surf Shop 

Laurence & Pete at Shore Surf 

Nick, Popey et al from The National Trust 

Callum Morse and all the photogs / media team 

Fion, Lucia, Micheal and the judges (thanks Dad) 

Mum and Paula – food 

The Hungry Horse Box 

Chris Betty 




Alice P


Let’s do this shit again next year. Love you all. 


SM xo 

Josh dealing with all the noise complaints from St Ives Town Council. Photo by the lovely Rosie @rosieliskey