Ben “Skindog” Skinner is a well-respected surfboard shaper who has been designing and shaping boards for over 20 years. His longboard designs are known for their performance and versatility, and his latest model, the Double Scoop, is no exception.

The Double Scoop is a follow-up to Skinner’s hugely successful longboard model, the Cherrypicker. The Cherrypicker was a popular board because it was both fun and performance-oriented. It was a great board for cruising, but it also had the ability to turn and perform in smaller waves.

The Double Scoop takes the Cherrypicker’s design to a whole new level. The board has a double scoop on the tail of the deck.

In the video, Skinner shares the unique design elements of the Double Scoop that make it a “one-to-have-in-the-quiver.” He talks about the double scoop bottom, the wider tail, and the other features that make the board so versatile.

He also shows how the board performs in different waves. He rides the board in a variety of conditions, from small beachbreaks to bigger pointbreaks. The board performs well in all conditions, and Skinner is clearly impressed with its capabilities.

If you’re looking for a longboard that can do it all, the Double Scoop is definitely worth considering. It’s a board that can handle anything you throw at it, and it’s sure to be a valuable addition to your quiver.