It’s time to shine the spotlight on one of our Philippines’ rising stars in the world of longboarding—Jayr  Esquivel.

With his remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication, Esquivel has carved a name for himself in the surfing community, showcasing the Philippines’ potential in this extraordinary sport. 

Hailing from the picturesque town of San Juan, La Union, Philippines, Esquivel’s journey to success is as inspiring as it is impressive. It began when he made waves by winning the first-ever World Surf League  (WSL) event held in his hometown. His triumphant victory at the WSL LA Union LQS1000 not only brought pride to the local surfing community but also put La Union on the global surfing map. 

ISA World Longboard Championship, Photo by Pablo Jimenez

Esquivel’s competitive spirit led him to the ISA World Longboard Championship in Surf City, El Salvador.  With his signature style and impeccable wave selection, he surfed his way to the copper medal in the men’s longboard category, proudly representing both himself and the Philippines. His accomplishment served as a reminder of the remarkable talent our country possesses in the world of surfing. 

In his most recent endeavour, Jayr Esquivel took part in the 2023 PADROL Longboard Classic held at Kuta  Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Against fierce competition from top longboarders in Asia & worldwide, he showcased his skills and captivated both judges and spectators alike. His commitment to training tirelessly, regardless of wave conditions, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and his burning desire to elevate the sport in our country. 

ISA World Longboard Championship, Photo by Pablo Jimenez

Greatness through Adversity 

Training never stops for Jayr, no matter if its ankle-high mush to overhead surf; There is an ambitious hunger that burns with him that begs to be quenched by glory. 

Throughout his journey, Esquivel has been nurtured by the expertise of esteemed coaches such as Luke  Landrigan, Ian Saguan, and much more. Their guidance has played a pivotal role in shaping Esquivel into the exceptional surfer he is today. However, one source of inspiration that stands out is his older brother and idol, Ronie “Poks” Esquivel—the legendary one-legged surfer who passed away last 2012. Poks’  indomitable spirit and love for the sport have ignited a fire within Jayr, driving him to overcome obstacles and reach for greatness. 

Jayr’s passion for representing the Philippines on the global stage is infectious. He dreams of putting our country on the longboarding map and is determined to showcase the exceptional talent we have.  Whether it’s training rigorously or braving any wave conditions, Esquivel’s dedication knows no bounds. His demeanour in competition is world-class. Win or lose, he’s grateful to be where he is; He doesn’t take anything for granted.

“I’m overjoyed because there is a Filipino on the WLT. It’s a dream for me and many Filipinos, and for me  to be the first one to do it is a dream!” 

-Jayr Esquivel 

ISA World Longboard Championship, Photo by Jersson Barboza

A momentous year for Jayr Esquivel 

As he gears up to participate in the 2023 ANOC World Beach Games and the WSL World Longboard Tour,  The Philippines couldn’t be prouder to have Jayr Esquivel represent our country. His journey exemplifies the remarkable growth and potential of the surfers & the surf industry in the Philippines. 

Jayr Esquivel’s story is one of determination, talent, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. As he continues to ride the waves of success, let us rally behind him and support the growth of longboarding in our beautiful country. With individuals like Esquivel leading the charge, the future of Philippine surfing looks brighter than ever.

Written by Gabriel Batallones