Samuel was born in St Ives, Cornwall, but polished his footwork on the perfect pointbreaks of Noosa, Australia.

Here, inspired by the likes of Harrison Roach, Thomas Bexan, Jai Lee, Belinda Bagss, Dane Peterson, Tom Wegener, Harrison and Fraser Biden, Samuel became a core part of a group of dynamic loggers who took noseriding to new and exciting places. He won the prestigious Noosa Festival of Surfing, and recently has decided to move back to his roots, back to Cornwall.

In reference to hanging heels, Samuel explains, “it’s almost like rebelling in a way to hanging ten. A lot of surfers can hang ten. That’s the addiction and feeling that we all want to feel as a longboarder. But switching that around to completely the opposite way, and looking at the tail of your board being locked in by the pocket…it’s a whole new world. It’s the feeling of being on the edge of life really, and getting as radical as you can go.”

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