Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom and joy when gliding down the face of a wave, which is why working as a surf instructor is the greatest gift – to share the happiness, healing and tranquillity of our sport with others.

A typical day for me would be driving to work (hopefully in the sunshine) and definitely with some tunes playing and teaching surfing with Surf Saunton.

It’s an incredible surf school, and I’m very grateful to work there! I often jump in for a surf before starting my first surf lesson.


I’ve recently written, performed and produced two songs, The Lovers and Serendipity.

We tend to become the energies we surround ourselves with, so I love to write music about positive things!

I like to write or get around to producing some music on my days off.

The Lovers is a song inspired by my personal ideals of how I would love for love to be. Deeply influenced by the importance of nature and vulnerable human connection – this song depicts and allowed me to explore my perfect idea of love, both through the lyrics and through the feelings evoked by the musical composition.

Furthermore, in its own way brings that closer to reality. I hope this song inspires others to show the world, or at least those closest to them, how they feel in their heart, as Damon Albarn sings in Tender: “love is the greatest thing that we have”. I am also incredibly happy to share that this song was played on the BBC across the South West!


Serendipity is a 3 track EP featuring a reggae-inspired title track, a live acoustic version and a Jungle/DnB remix. I wrote this song in 30 minutes of an evening, which was interesting introspectively as I didn’t think about it too much, and let my ideas and feelings flow.

The lyrics surround the idea of serendipity – to stumble across something genuinely wonderful by chance whilst looking for something completely different. Relating to the ocean in many ways, along with someone’s presence in my life who made me feel unbeknownst to me until I wrote this song, incredibly similar.

I like the vulnerability of this song, especially felt in the acoustic version, as I have found in life that vulnerability is, in reality, a strength.


In 2023 I hope it will begin by travelling and dodging the winter back in the UK! I have my sights on surf instructing over in Nicaragua and then exploring and surfing in Indonesia.

I quite like seeing where life takes me and keeping myself open to where I am guided to go! A few of my lifelong goals were to have a song played on the radio and be featured in a surf magazine – which I’m incredibly grateful 2022 has come to fruition!

Perhaps next on the bucket list will be to play at a couple of music festivals and compete in some more longboard surf comps!

When I’m not surfing or playing music, I love to paint, DJ, go for drives, look after my pet rabbit Aphrodite, do yoga and meditate. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my tunes.


Sunsets and surf, what’s not to love?